Yea I've had issues trying to get a routine going that didn't feel like a mission. Best way I found is in the shower after I apply my LI upside down, I turn to face the shower head (hair is still upside down) cup my hands to fill with water and then using a scrunching motion soak my hair. Don't squeeze too much the whole point is to soak the hair and you don't want to lose all product. I do this at the end right before I'm about to jump out. Have your MF towel or T-shirt handy cause you'll be dripping like crazy lol. As soon as I dry off I start to apply my styling products. I'm still trying to avoid squeezing too much water out it take a bit to get it just right. I think the water is what causes the curls to clump beautifully I'm guessing cause they love moisture. First time I tried it WOW my hair clumped so nicely in da shower. I got hooked 😍. So far this is the only DO product I've used and I love it so far I wouldn't mind trying more. If your hair is really damaged best thing is PT. I love it and with GVP PT I don't need a DT after. Makes my hair look really nice. Fokti? That is not something I use or have pictures on (that I know of). Not sure it it's created with this site. Sorry I still haven't gotten familiar with everything on this site, but my avatar pic is my hair and I have more pics on my deva cut post. 😃
curl type: 2c/3a on a good day
med/high porosity & high density
hair strand width: med/coarse
BSL hair & growing