No I hadn't! Actually the first time I'd read the yelp review page was when Amaya had only put up her initial post I think, not the follow up in which Massey and DaSilva backhanded her. Or maybe she had and I hadn't noticed it so it's a good thing she posted here on the forum. And I hadn't even noticed the pictures until now. Oh wow. There it is! You're not kidding, Korkscrew. It's almost as if they don't care. And as for my purplish prose, I suppose I just get a bit passionate about protecting the consumer.

Lest it seems like I'm slamming Devachan altogether (again it's the company and the salon I'm wary of now-not the individual stylists), I do have to say that Anninka V's cut and color looks absolutely gorgeous in those pictures. Wow, wow, wow. Well done Cindy of Devachan, Culver City. If anyone's brave enough to go there in spite of the negative reviews, perhaps they should request her.
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