Yes. I love my hair about 99% of the time, and have learned to appreciate it during my teenage years, thanks to my mother (a wavy-haired Asian).

I was always extremely jealous of my mother's waves. She had one hairstylist who understood her hair, and her hair always behaved properly, no matter what products she used or whatever she did. She never straightened it either.

It was frustrating at times though, because she didn't quite understand how much more of a struggle it was for me. Forget about society being more judgmental about tighter curl patterns, it was a fight to keep myself from chopping it all off from looking at the tangles and frizz (dense hair that I refused to brush, but had a lot of trouble finger-detangling). The CG method has definitely helped with this though, and product awareness has really improved my attitude.

The question I usually get now, though is "does it do that naturally?" instead of "why don't you straighten it?"

I'll take that as a compliment.

It doesn't hurt that I'm addicted to spending time with my hair... (and the products)
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