I straighten my curls a lot because I'm more comfortable with it and haven't really got to grips with my curls. When straight it always looked long and sleek and had plenty of movement, and people always commented on it. However for some reason its changed. I've been doing it the same for years, but now it goes all poofy and seems like its almost got thicker (but not in a good way) and it looks very 'set'. Also my roots go curly after about an hour after straightening, which is very irritating as this never used to happen and this annoys me the most about it. I use to straighten it once then not touch it with heat again till the next wash like two days later. Last year I went away for two nights, did my hair before I went and didn't even pack the flat iron, now I wouldn't dream of going without it! Anyone got any ideas? I don't know if maybe I'm using the wrong products or something? Too much/ not enough protein or moisture? I do deep condition it and always have done. I had a keratin treatment a few months ago which I didn't like at all but I was having problems with the roots before that anyway. Please help!