I had aubrey b5 gel my first month of CG and used it up but I'm thinking in retrospect my hair may've been sensitive to those amino acids because it looked better once I used straight up kinky curly which is protein free. I can't tell for sure though. Some of that might've been my hair getting healthier and looking better over time.

This is a great idea for a thread. Figuring out hair and protein sensitivity is a tedious business. I really want to know everything now now now but it's a process of deduction/elimination so I know it'll take a while. So far I know my hair likes/doesn't seem to mind silk protein because it loves the SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie and it also doesn't mind soy protein if it's further down the ingredient list because my hair also loves Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditoner. I don't consider panthenol a protein but I know from SM's Moisture Retention Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner those are OK. As for coconut oil, my hair likes it, but I didn't know coconut oil was a protein. I just thought it strengthened I think the already existing protein within the hair strand. But I guess I could see how that might be a problem is your hair already has a lot of protein in it naturally.

As for what my hair hates, I think it hates the wheat/oat/soy peptides in the devacurl gel along with the hops. Boy is it hard to tell with that gel because it has so much protein in it! I also think my hair hates the hydrolyzed wheat protein in the the argan ecostyler. Both of these products dry out my hair so much it isn't worth using them even though they do make my hair look nice enough. If I do use them I don't leave them in for more than a day and it's once a week at most. I may give them away.

Question: Is the silk protein in my SMCES hydrolyzed do you think? It must be in order for them to be able to put it into the product and for the hair to be able to absorb it. . . But then it isn't listed as such. Same question goes for the soy protein in the TJ TTT Conditioner?
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