I took the plunge and did a Henna treatment yesterday. I bought Cassia as well, and applied it last weekend as a sort of practice run for the Henna and I was pretty pleased with the Cassia results. I am now an official Henna-Head...lol I after I rinsed the DC out I was very happy with how the it turned out. I used super strong brewed black tea with a few Raspberry Zinger teabags to mix it, but I don't think it made much of a difference. and I added a splash of ACV to help with the dye release which took around three hours with the Jamila Summer 2012 I used. I washed with VO5 Tea Therapy Blackberry Sage Shampoo (that I really liked more than I should have...LOL) before I applied the Henna which only took about twenty minutes. It was kinda messy of course, but nothing too terrible. I tried to clean as I went along I followed along with most people I saw online and did a cowash with the VO5 Blackberry Sage Conditioner rather than a shampoo after rinsing and I think that makes a huge difference in the dryness you can feel after a Henna treatment. It did turn my few grays a nice "Bozo the Clown in Autumn" orange, but it'll tone down in the coming days as the color oxidizes. I don't see much of an overall color change which is good, I'll probably see the reddish shimmer better when I have a chance to go out on a sunny day, but either way I'm very happy.