Greetings Curly/Kinky world! I have been natural for 10 years. I did my first bc in January 2003. I rocked my twa, afro, twist outs, etc and was happy. However I was not educated about all the natural hair care products and care processes that I should have been using to maximize the health, length, and retention of my hair. In January of 2007 I locked my hair and kept them healthy until undergoing major changes on my job that induced stress and caused severe thinning to my locs. I attempted to save and nurse them by cutting about 8 inches off, but due to me having less time (new baby Sept 2011) I embraced another bc in October 2011. I rocked it at 1/2" long for a year and 2months. Mid January 2013, I realized I was in a new season of my life and wanted to grow my hair back out as I embarked upon another dimension of who I am. This time around I have been doing my due diligence in researching everything I need to know about growing and maintaining healthy natural hair. I am excited about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing this experience with you as I reach out for more knowledge and tips from the more experienced/more successful curly/kinky sisters!