I don't really have a lot of hair styles to rely on. I usually just put my hair to that side if I'm wearing it up. When i do this i can't do it tight because i get headaches if i use scrunchies. I only wear clips. If i wear it down i just do one of those little clips on top of the head to keep my bangs back and make sure i pull hairs from the middle to come down and cover them. When i straighten my hair i just do it to that side. Nobody has noticed not even my mom, until i tell them i have grays. I don't have the energy to henna so often. I do it about once every month and a half so cutting them is much easier. I still haven't tried hennaing just the roots but i haven't seen henna and indigo covering well when the grays were a little long so i haven't bothered. How long have you been doing henna? I've been doing it since Oct. Can you post pictures? I'll send one i took today.

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