I'm SO SUPER DUPER CONFUSED by Joe Budden on LAH Season 3. I'm so confused. I had a completely different image of him (not that I really followed him or anything, but I guess I had my stereotypes). I can't even believe my eyes. I feel like I've been believing that the sky was blue only for the real truth to come out that the sky is purple. That's the only way I can describe it.

My up is south y'all. My up is damn south.
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im not at all surprised. There is a high price to pay with fame. I dont follow him either but when he came out the woods with using and all that i was like "eh another famous person who doesn't know what do with himself " nowadays anything is possible in Hollywood ...and i mean ANYTHING

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I wasn't talking about the drugs. Not surprised about that.

I'm surprised about how normal he sounds. Like he's not trying to talk like a g or anything. He sounds hella square even though his image is not. Like if I met him on the street and didn't know who he was, I would talk to him for real.
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Oohhh! I see.

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