thanks also, it is fairly thick but because it's not dense, when I pull it back, you can see parts where it opens, because the curls all go together, leaving parts for those white roots to shine through. I only use heat on my bangs and probably 2-3 times a week. Although if you really want to look good daily, you need to heat those bangs up. But I have days when I'm home all day, so they flip;curl and look ridiculous some days. But yeah, what are we youngeons to do?? I hate it because in my church choir, I see no one else my age with these white roots and I always feel like I"m the only one. Do you have older sisters or did your mom get white hairs young?? I think I'm ahead of my sister when she was my age. The henna goes good in my hair. I tried hendigo, never worked, I never got past a golden blonde color. I just do straight henna for two hours, and it turns a nice copper red. I have red highlights anyway in my hair so it blends in well. I also have noticed blonde hairs lately in my hair and I'm hoping they're not the next ones to go white. Never knew I had blonde hairs but my husband said he had noticed some years

I only have one sister and she's three years younger than me and no grays yet. At her age i didn't have them either (not that i noticed anyway) my mom got them when she was about my age and now that she's almost 50 they're mainly concentrated on the bang area. Did you notice after doing henna that your curls loosened? It did for me kind of i think. A friend of mine with really curly hair explained to me how to cut my hair myself in between salon visits for the curls to spring more and when i started doing it it worked. This was all after the henna and co washing. My hair was curlier but still dry and frizzy so i started doing the henna and was straightening my hair once a week, never wore it curly because it looked so dry. Now that i cowash and don't straighten as often it looks less curly but healthier. I also got a cut at the salon in January so i don't know if it was the cut or the henna that messed up the curl pattern a little bit. Have you experienced this? Also i think the high light thing is a great idea. I might consider that too when i start getting more grays lol. My advice is to just wear hairstyles that flatter you and if that includes not pulling your hair back then why not. I don't like putting my hair in a pony tail because it doesn't look good on me since i have a flat head and too little hair when it's curly. It only looks good when it's straight and I'm avoiding heat as much as i can mainly because it's too much work to straighten my hair and it doesn't really last that long. So yeah i just do the hair styles that look better on me and that don't take long (most of the time)

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