My husband and I are going to work things out

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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Its so easy to take the easy way out glad yall decided to take the hard road and make it work. I am so happy for you ,let this experience bring u closer than ever

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Thanks. We said we are going to start over n work on being friends. Idk how exactly we guna do that though.

One of our "friends" told him I met a guy at the bar n that I was flirting. So I was mad because that wasn't her business to tell. So I decided I'm not going to be her friend anymore. I textd her n told her to call me, shes like "If u wana talk come over cuz I'm not doing this phone thing." I'm confused as to why she so hostile. She says quit playing mind games u know what's going on and so do i.

So me, for one, I'm not about to waste my gas for a conversation that I don't know anything about. Two, idk what she would have so much to say about. I asked my husband if he told her that I knew about spilling the beans about meeting a dude n he says no. All he said is that we are guna kinda separate and start over as friends n that he feels less stressed. He said all she said was that she needed to talk to me.

So now I'm super curious right. But I don't wana ride to somebodys house n there be a confrontation cuz I'm too grown for that. I don't think he would lie for some reason n say he didn't mention to her, cuz common sense would tell u that the beans are spilled. But I find it funny that she is so weird. Esp to say we both know what's "going on" lol.

Maybe she thinks I'm having an affair or something-Wrong lol. And even if she thought so, how is that her business? Now we been knowing her a LONG time and at one point she was one of my closest friends. But I put her at a ten foot pole last year cuz she was talkin sh*t about me to a mutual friend. She would be the very last person to know if I had anything going. It's only recently that we started hanging out every now n then.
I dunno. I kinda wana know where her head is at n see what she talkin bout. Just so I can tell her about herself. What do you guys think?

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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