Well I'm always pretty skeptical about using things in my hair that I normally wouldn't, but, I noticed you said MO would be good on highly porous hair so I thought I would give it a shot. I normally use either coconut oil or grapeseed oil ...only if I'm using an oil at all.
Anyway, bought the baby oil yesterday, and as you suggested I got the kind with mineral oil and fragrance only. I used it over kckt then put kccc over that while my hair was still very wet. I plopped while I got dressed and did my make up them diffused.
Well, I'll start by saying that it took FOREVER to dry even when the diffuser. I ended up going to work with it still about 25% wet. But...omg, by the time I got to work, wow, I had no frizz and the curls were soooo soft, bouncy and defined!! I got alot of shrinkage...which I love because it made my hair spiral more than usual. I'm sitting here with it still slightly wet around the nape but I've started to fluff it out and I'm loving how it looks and feels!
Thanks so much for suggesting this and for sharing your method, it works!!