Jessiebanana, me too! Not the stylist I see now but twice in the past I was charged this fee at two different places because quote: "Your hair is very dense" and "It took more time with you because of all of your hair." I was all . And I'm not even sure if my hair is that dense anyways or if it just looks that way because the individual strands are thicker/coarser. They should be happy my hair is thick. It's easier to shape and more forgiving. Supposedly from what I read with people with finer hair and lower density you have to be very precise because if you cut the wrong way it's really shows. Stylists could be totally lazy with my hair and you wouldn't notice as much because there's plenty of it. Okay rant over.
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I wish I could say that. No...I know mine is thick. My hair isn't particularly thick or course. I just have tons of it. It's also super fragile, so I'd rather pay for the extra time.