I've been going gray since I was a teenager. If I didn't dye my hair it'd be about 50/50 and i'm 27.
So as someone who's had gray hair for about 12 years already, it isn't the end of the world if someone sees that you have A gray hair, or 30 of them (did you actually count??)
Even when I think my gray has grown out a LOT, people don't even notice. Or if they do, it isn't like they're whispering behind your back like "omg she has gray hair what a freak"
its probably the lowest priority for someone else you can get to. If you don't necessarily care what others think and its just what you think, I dont think 30 gray hairs is something to lose sleep over or even think about much. There's enough to stress out about in life! You say you think its your fault you have them for stressing, but you know the exact number of gray hairs you've had over the years. That's a little counter productive. I can't even COUNT mine! If you don't want them, you need to dye or henna them. Otherwise, embrace it and enjoy that you can hit your 30s with 30 gray hairs. I haven't had only 30 gray hairs since I was 16.
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