First of all, if I had 2c hair like yours I WOULD NOT STRAIGHTEN IT. i have 3 b/c hair which is less attractive naturally so something is required to achieve a public worthy hairstyle.

the only straightening products I can successfullyuse on my hair are:
Conair One 'n Only Thermal Ionic Permanent Hair Straightener - Tinted/Highlight/Bleach
Quantum Thermal Straightener For Color Treated Hair

They are both considered Japanese chemical hair straighteners.

both available from Sally's

They are both very gentle and VERY safe on my hair.
when I used the regular lye and no lye hair relaxers my hair literally dissolved and fell out, and I have very fine 3 b/c hair.

But with those 2 products above I can straighten my hair and even color it from off black to honey blonde. I do not straighten it more often than every 3 months however. Sometimes 4-5 months. and I do not color more often than every 2 months. No 30 volume peroxide or streaks though... only 20 volume peroxide.

I wrap my hair like a bee hive and cover it at night so I do not have to use a blow dryer to straighten any wrinkles out in the morning. So far this is working GREAT for me for several years now.

If I blow dry my hair straight daily with no chemical it gets burn off and falls out. Feels like straw too.

If I use sodium hydroxide (lye) or calcium hydroxide (no lye) relaxers... it looks totally burnt, fried and destroyed and then it falls out.

But color treated Japanese thermal hair straightener products work wonderfully and the hair feels really good. My hair looks healthy alive, shiny, silky and feels soft with Japanese chemical hair straighteners from Sally's for the past few years.
I only leave the first step on about 15-30 minutes, rinse it out, flat iron it (only for this chemical process) THEN put on the neutralizer for 1/2 hour. So the day I do this requires at least an hour. But its worth it.

PS IF i go too long between straighteners and have to blow dry it smooth in the mornings, the heat starts ruining my hair. So it is best to go on and touch up the new growth to be gentler on the hair in the long run so I do not have to use heat on my hair.
So in essence, I find that HEAT of a normal blow dryer is far more damaging to hair than either of the above 2 straightening chemicals that I use.

With regard to your hair losing about 50% of its density of course straight hair is flatter than puffy curly hair. lol That is definitely the case even though zero hair falls out, it will just lay flatter. So if you want BIG hair, stay with your body wave pattern.
Again, if I were you I would not even consider straightening my hair because it is naturally very aesthetically pleasing. More attractive than stick straight flat limp hair and more attractive IMO than frizzy tight curly hair. Your hair is what I wish I had naturally. So leave it be and be happy. Move on to something else in your life.

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