So, do you just use Johnson's baby oil (pink lid just MO and fragrance?) Cuz I have some of that on hand (I have a 19 month old). Can I just use that?
also, how would you go about applying this? I have a few different products, but I'm thinking the smoothie, which I usually use, will be too much oil with the MO. Which is fine. I have KCCC, SM Smoothie, Curls Creme Brle, FSG, ag curl trigger, KC spiral spritz. What should I use together?
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yes, thats what I used, regular baby oil. I picked up the travel side at walgreens just in case I didn't like it...I think it will last a very long time though cause I only used about 5 drops for my whole head.
I tried it with kckt and kccc but I'm going to try it with a different gel tomorrow.