Sounds like your hair has become more porous (probably from heat ) and is literally drinking up ambient moisture causing it to revert.

It might be time to look into using a Japanese thermal straightener chemical..
I just wrote in another thread about this. I also find heat much more damaging than a Japanese thermal chemical straightening every 3 months (product available at Sally's) I used to use only blow dryers and they were frying. I never used flat irons on a reg basis... (only when I do the thermal japan. str. ) Flat irons can sizzle the hair to a crisp

while you sort this out and make your next move, try sealing the hair with something after you use some moisturizers. Since you had a keratin treatment recently, I would also get

1)ApHogee 2 step protein treatment first to arrest any damage before doing
2)Silicon mix deep conditioner and
3)Silicon Mix SHINE serum to prepare for the straightening. After you've done it then continue to do all these conditioners in sequence at least once every month for maintenance..
I like a dab of coconut oil evenly distributed instead of frizz serum.

IF YOU DECIDE to I would suggest you go on and straighten it with
A) One n Only Thermal ionic Straightening system.
or B) Quantum Thermal straightener

They both have formulas for colored hair.. I think you have 3b hair like me? If you do this, then stop using heat. Just air dry after that and use huge velcro rollers on the ends and/OR just wrap it or criss cross wrap it ( if it is really long) every night instead. Look at youtube for videos on how to wrap hair to straighten hair or maintiain hair straight at night.

Wrapping the hair at night is an AMAZING tool that I just rediscovered to straighten and maintain hair straight with no heat. Once your hair is air dried, you apply some serum and brush it around your head like a bee hive. Then tie it up with a satin scarf and go to sleep. When you take it out in the morning, it falls silkily down like it was flat ironed! Do this after shampooing AND every night before going to bed. Look at youtube for videos on wrapping hair. Dont do it when hair is wet. just a dry technique.

No heat at all from then on, but a lot of conditioning and wrapping your hair. Silicone mix with bamboo is great. Silicon Mix makes a SHINE hair polisher (anti frizz serum) too that's good.

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