Please don't feel that way. 3b/c even 4a-c hair look great on other people I admire them so much for being able to pull it off. I just don't like how it looks on me.... I think my cheeks are too wide to pull it off or something lol.
But I really LOVE curly hair on so many of you on here. Yours in fact is beautiful. One thing is I cut bangs and layer across the front (which was a mistake) so now I need it straight so it doesnt look too short in the front around my face.
It just doesnt frame my face right being this short in the front. But I think once mine gets long enough to hang over the cheek like yours does, I would consider letting it grow out maybe???
I am really jealous in fact that so many can pull it off and it looks nice. Mine just never looks nice like theirs

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