I started a thread on this called change my 3c to 3a
But you can use

they come in different sizes. Make sure you get the ones with the largest diameter. They are called EXTRA WIDE curlformers They are like sleeves. You pull your hair thru w/ like a hook then they snap into a spiral pattern when u turn it loose. Use them when the hair is wet and let it dry in them.
Extra Wide/Long Curlformers on Natural/Kinky/Ethnic Hair - YouTube

Curlformers How-To on Wavy Hair - YouTube


put coconut oil something soothing on the hair and twist it up into 2 bantu knots... Let them dry overnight then finger comb them down for BIG beach waves.
Chapter 11: Bantu Knots = Beach Waves! - YouTube


get a wave nouveau permanent wave using huge rods like 11/8" wide green rods or larger like up to 1 1/2" brown rods

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