I use MO (3 drops) combined with Argan oil (pure)-one pump, on top of a little leave in. Top with FSG and scrunch in some KCCC or other gel with fantastic results. This seems to be just enough of the two oils for my hair.

On another note, I'm finding I don't need much (if any) conditioner left in since using a new method found here. When I apply my RO conditioner, I squeeze it into my hair, set a few minutes and completely rinse. My hair stays/feels moisturized and soft. I've been doing this successfully rather than just applying a RO, letting it set for a little bit and then just rinsing. If I'd don't squeeze in my conditioner then I have to reapply more conditioner as a leave in. I hope this makes sense. I've done this with all my conditioners and love how my hair turns out.