My daughter has type 2B curly hair. I have done the sulfate-free shampoo, use great conditioner, etc. My probably is the dreaded morning tangles!!

Her hair is so tangled in the morning, and it is a constant battle. She has actually hidden brushes from me because I'm always buying new brushes that I "hope" won't pull her hair as much. The only one she will allow me to use on her hair is a "soft" (boar's hair) brush, but that only makes her hair frizzy and doesn't get the tangles out.

I have tried every leave-in conditioner I can get my hands on. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on products hoping to find "the one" that will detangle her morning tangles.

I have put her hair in braids before she goes to bed. This doesn't help -- her hair is so fine the braids just fall out and create more of a mess for me.

I've been told to make sure her hair is damp before I brush. I get it as wet as I can (short of dunking her head under the faucet). This hasn't helped.

Like I said, I have tried lots of products and spray-in conditioners that say they can be used on dry hair. But by the time I get it sprayed down and brushed out, most of the curl has changed to just an S wave, and it's frizzy. And every product seems to weigh it down and decrease the curl.

I have tried using different combs, picks, brushes.

I have tried washing her hair once a week and only using conditioners.

I don't know what else to do. Please, someone help!!!

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