I highly recommend it. Layers took off the weight and encouraged the curl on my left (lazy) side. I got the layers even all around though, it's just that my hairdresser knew to how angle them so that the left side perked up. The right side clearly didn't need it. Now that my hair is cut I can part my hair in the middle and have the matching tendrils on either side that I wanted but couldn't get before when I always had to part or to clip to one side.
3A - C, HP, ME, HD. (Coarse, High Porosity, Medium Elasticity, High Density.)

CG since Nov. 2012

Poos: SM Moisture Retention + Yucca Baobab, TJ's Tea Tree Tingle
Condish: TJ 'sTea Tree Tingle*, SM Moisture Retention* + Curl & Shine + Yucca Baobab, Yes to Blueberries
Stylers: KCKT*, SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie* + Curl & Style Milk*, KCCC*, FSG*, CJ Pattern Pusha, Curl Keeper
Sealers: Jojoba* or Grapeseed* oil

* = HG