Hey y'all!!

I big chopped my hair (myself!) last week after continuing frustrations with breakage and shedding.

In 2010 I made a bet with a friend on who could be perm free the longest. I lost, she ended up going au natural and now has her own natural hair care shop and product line. So proud of her!! But I decided I could still have "healthy hair" and be relaxed,so I started researching products and methods to retain length without giving up my crack. In 2011 I moved to Phx, AZ and my hair fell in love with the dry environment! At the end of 2011 I felt the need to cut my hair into a cute little bob and dye it jet black. The dry air, plus my protein/moisturizing treatments, and overall care resulted in my hair being thick and shoulder length by July 2012! I was loving it!!! UNTIL...I did the craziest thing in my life,I moved back to GA and let my cousin (yes cousin) put in not one but TWO permanent colors attempting to dye my hair back to the copperish red tone I had a few years back. A month later, the breaking and shredding began. My hair started falling out in chunks with every wash and would shed with the wind. I seriously cried every time I had to wash it, I knew there was no way to salvage it. So the last week of December, to make dealing with it less stressful, I decided to get a sew in. Two days after New Years, I was laid off from my job. Add in the stress of trying to maintain breaking hair with limited funds, I decided what the heck?? I wanted...no NEEDED to get my hair back healthy and was wasting time delaying...so I chopped it all off last week! I guess you can say I transitioned for 6 1/2 months (since I hadn't relaxed since the color fiasco), so I have about 2" of curly hair on my head. I'll be going to a pro as soon as I land a job and can afford the extra expense...until then, I'll be on naturallycurly every day reading new/low cost ways to maintain and get my hair back on track.

I took a picture and sent it to my friend who has her shop in MS and she determined I'm between a 4a/4b. It feels 4/bish in the middle but 4/a around the nape and in the front. I guess time will tell...Wish me luck guys!

I hope to post more of my journey with you as time goes on!