Ok here are the results of using the MO yesterday. I wanted to wait until it was completely dry at the end of my work day before giving my opinion. I really love how it makes my hair feel the most, just soooo soft. I usually have straw like ends because I have lots of split ends and damage due to years of bleach over bleach when I was highlighting it. I've gone back to my natural color but still, the bleach damage is there.
Anyway, back to the mo! I switched it up today and Instead of cowashing like I did yesterday (used the new SM cowash), I used natures gate shampoo and conditioner. I used kcnt again as my LI (pea size) and 5 drops MO then used Alba botanica hair gel. Combed through, plopped, diffused until almost dry, smoothed down any fly aways with aussie instant freeze and left to work.
Sotc with CD tui oil at work and got a gazillion big curls all over with minor frizz (yes, I couldn't stop playing with it so I'm sure thats the cause. Lol).
Also, it dried much faster today since I omitted the kccc, but I think kccc made it shinier.here are yesterdays results.Mineral oil: don't knock it 'til you try it!!-uploadfromtaptalk1360686555333.jpg