Hey guys. So yes I have a question about porosity. I got the hair analysis last month and it said that I was highly porous, which was a shock to me at the time because I thought that meant my hair was unhealthy. I was expecting medium porosity and couldn't believe my hair was highly porous since I hadn't colored it in ages and hadn't used sulfates in years. But then afterwards I thought about it and it made sense. My hair dries very very quickly. So much so that if I don't style it right away once I get out of the shower I sometimes have to rewet it. Also my hair seems to absorb everything, I mean absolutely everything I put into it so it's very thirsty. But recently I've come to the conclusion that my hair is healthy and just naturally highly porous because I have about two inches of roots grown in that are virgin and haven't been touched by heat. No blow dryers or flat irons. These roots are the healthiest part of my hair and yet they seem to dry the fastest. I know there is disagreement over whether or not hair can be healthy (read: undamaged) and yet naturally highly porous. I recently went back to livecurlylivefree.com and it says it can't, but I'm thinking I'm the exception to the rule. Does anybody else feel this way or noticed such things about their hair?
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