WavyAmee: I have not tried a satin sleep cap -- that's the first time I have heard of that! I will have to search for one.

PearlRose: I don't have any problem getting the tangles out during/after bath. It's really just in the morning when it's a rat's nest. I have not tried the Garnier Triple Nutrition Spray (I don't think I have, anyway). So maybe that will be what I try next. I love Garnier products and I've tried many of them on her hair but they still don't tackle those tangles.

I am wondering though where I can find a brush with both the hard and soft bristles that you mentioned? May have to look for that as well.

I have tried braiding her hair before bed, but her hair still comes out a tangled mess. I don't know what to do. It is such a battle every morning. I keep hoping to find some "miracle" product that will detangle her hair, but I just don't think one exists!