I thought you did meet a guy at a bar once?

I don't know, if she's friends with both of y'all and she knows that, that sucks for her. That is why I don't make friends, because I don't want to see things and feel like if I don't tell someone something I'm wrong but if I hold the information and tell no one , I'm wrong still.
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Yea I met a guy. But I stopped talking to him a long time ago. Soon after I met him. The thing that I realized with her tho is she's a snake. Cuz she didnt tell me she told him almost as soon as I told her. This is when weren't going to get back tgt. N I just said I textd him for a min n that's it. N then I told her to call me the other day n she responded all hostile like. I'm like huh? Lol. Idk. I think her friendship with me is kinda a front. Cuz a real friend woulda left me tellin him up to me, considering its MY husband she's telling. Or made it known that she's concerned in some way. I just decided I'm guna let her go. I don't need any additional drama. N her so called friendship always seems to cause a problem between me and mine. That's deff not the role a mutual friend is supposed to have
ETA she doesn't know of anything that went on or coulda went on btween me n that guy. N there's no way she could.
How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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maybe she wants your husband???
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