As I said, I'm a newbie here. I've been asking my friends for a week or so what they thought about cutting my hair, and I mean like chin or mid-neck length cut. Some people are very for the idea, others are much less encouraging. But then I realized that I have been asking a bunch of people who don't have curly hair! So here I am, asking a bunch of people who also have curly hair like me.

Basically, I'm really tired of the length of my hair. I've always had it longer, and I really always do get a lot of compliments on it. But it's very temperamental, it gets rather flat and the curls lose their spring and bounce. Usually, as far as daily routines go, if I want it to actually look good I need to diffuse it at this time of year, but during the summer I can let it air-dry. I want to cut it to about mid-neck or chin length, I've attached some pictures. The two with short hair are ones that I (ideally) would like my hair to look like, the other two are ones of me, the one that looks "shorter" is because my hair is pulled back in a braid, the other one my hair is still sorta wet but gives a better idea of my curl type.

Any sort of input would be greatly appreciated
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