had a doctors appointment, she really doesnt think ill make it to my due date. she says everything is basically ready at this point, we're just waiting on the baby to want out. she said not to be shocked if I go in labor this week. is it wierd im hoping for valentines day? she also said the baby is measuring small (only 5 lbs, 17 inches) so labor should be pretty easy. I guess 9 months of pukeing at the thought of food has a upside afterall

if all goes well ill have my family's first vaginal delivery in almost 60 years first breastfed kid, too.

I cant wait to see my girls personality. her first sonogram, she actually seemed to be posing for us, she faced straight ahead with one hand behind her head, and one hand on her hip. at 20 weeks. if that dont scream attitude, I dont know what does, lol. all my facebook friends got a kick out of it.

I hope im good at being a mom. I dont really feel like a adult, I know on paper im 25 and grown, but inside I still feel kid-ish, so me as a momma is a strange thought. I hope to god I dont mess this up. and what am I gonna do if she dont like me?

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shes going to freaking adore you. once she smells you, and you have that mommy scent its ALL over, Wait until you smell her feet. MAN the love is going to choke you up.

I was scared silly at 19 that my son wouldnt like me. Now hes 14 and the love of my life.