HI, Jas. First, I got the CHS ones. I went to Sally's and could not figure out which ones to get, so I decided to get the ones on the video.

I part my hair. At the back of the crown, I comb my hair back so that it is not all part in the front. I start there. Open the clip so the jaws open out, and grab some hair. You are pulling up on your hair here. That is first. All the other clips will be inserted into your hair like this:_---- those lines are the jaws of the clips. I insert three in front, on each side of the part. Then I move to the back. At t his point I have used 7 of the 12 clips. I insert another clip behind the first clip, kind of drawing up, or pulling up hair into the clip. Then I insert two at the back on the side. I insert another two behind the one at the crown and the one behind that. Did you used to use rollers, ever? you are basically using the pattern that you used for a roller set. A strip of rollers up the front (crown) to the back; sides, and sides of the back of your head. I dont think this is clear but I hope it is.