No I hadn't! Actually the first time I'd read the Well done Cindy of Devachan, Culver City. If anyone's brave enough to go there in spite of the negative reviews, perhaps they should request her.
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Cindy was the first one to touch my hair actually, and the one to make the first mistake of messing up the original color I brought so that they had to re dye it....not that it makes a difference because I think out of the whole salon the only ones who didnt touch my hair were the receptionist, and an asian lady and a young latina girl with red highlights. Altho the receptionist did the over charging...soo...Cindy also didnt do a consult or a lot enough time to do my hair which was why I ended up with 20 different ppl doing my hair.

I slowly feel like the company has no redeeming qualities...the products are not natural and, in my personal experience, Shea Moisture does just as good with more natural components for half the price. At this point I only recommend the book and not that willingly because Massey as a person disgusts me.