Amaya: I went to a salon close to home that is not a Deva salon per se, but has at least a dozen supposed Deva stylists. Each time I left the salon, my hair felt awful, I mean so full of product it was sticky and felt like cotton candy. I brought my own products on one occasion, and the stylist read the ingredients, commented that one had "alcohol" ( it was steatyl alcohol, which is not like rubbing alcohol, and is also in the Deva products). So I felt like she was trying to disparage my choices so I would use the Deva products, which I did not like. I was charged in one appt. for a styling that I did myself - I had brought my roller jaw clips, and the stylist asked me to show her how I applied them. So I did. The only styling she did was to put me under a dryer. I was shocked to find out that I was being charged for a styling, and rather than protest, I just decided not to go back. I still purchase my Deva Foam there, because it is convenient for me, and it is a hard to find product. One of these days the owner's daughter, who works at the front, is probably going to comment on my hair, and then she is going to get the story; how I never knew what I was going to be charged; how one stylist felt threatened by my own products and my roller jaw clips; and how another charged me for a styling that did not happen. Long story to get to the point: you cannot force people to have integrity. They either do or they dont. I admire that you spoke up as you did; however, at some point, there can unfortunately be diminishing returns when people lacking integrity begin to feel threatened and turn the tables on you, now YOU are harrassing HER. You are not going to get satisfaction here. I am not being harsh, just telling it how I read it. They gave you a bad dye job. Dont go there again. Tell everyone you know not to go there. And move on. Ms Massey has made a ton of money - and continues to - on curlies like us who are desperate for stylists and products who understand our hair. You are one dissatisfied customer. She does not care. All you can do is what you are doing: get the word out, and do it in a matter of fact manner, or she will accuse you of more harassment. It is not fair, I agree, but the world is not a fair place. You got a bad dye job. I sympathize. But, you have hair. Some people do not, because of illness or other tragedy. The damaged hair can repair itself, and a lot of the damage can be cut off. Spend your energy finding someone you can work with. Thats my advice and since its free, it may be worth nothing.