I have the exact same problem; it's a constant battle between the two. But i need layers because my hair has no 3A at all and it def gets wide and triangle-y without layers.

I'm sure I can make a lot of improvements re: products but I really just can't spare the $ at all. Right now the product that's been working best for me is Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In conditioner in the big jar, sealed with an oil.

Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade works for me too but can get a tad too crisp (incidentally, I'm not fully CG so some of the stuff I mention has cones) Like the OP, mousse is drying for me.

Doing the curly shuffle helps, esp after it's dried. I usually have to shuffle 2-3 times during the workday. If I fuss with it too much trying to get root volume, I risk all-day frzz. If I don't fuss enough, it's totally flat.

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