Hey everyone,

New to the forum and am kind of panicking

I read that Castor oil was good for under eye circles, so I gave it a go. THe next day I thought that the cirlces were worse. I tried it again the next night and thought I saw a few lines that weren't there. I left it alone, and tried it a week later, and definitely noticed a few more lines.

Since then I've tried the oil cleansing method a few times. I've kept away from castor oil and have used Olive oil and Avocado oil (not at the same time). And the skin under my eyes keeps getting worse! It's like crepe paper, and I swear I have new lines forming every day. In addition the lines are my forehead seem more pronounced. I'm all about using food on the face and last night I even tried cream (dairy), but the degradation seems to be continuing...

I'm devastated and don't know what to do. I kept hoping that this was a "getting better before getting worse" because at the same time I do feel like hte texture of my skin is changing (getting thicker) but I don't know if I should jump ship at this point.

My skin is thin, delicate, with a tendency to be dry and I get rosacea (not acne, just flushing).

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!