I'm a 31 year old biracial female who was adopted & raised by 2 white parents who didn't know how to care for my hair. By the time I turned 8 they decided to just put a relaxer in it & I have had one ever since. I honestly don't even remember what my natural hair is like & I only have a few pictures of me as a child & it's still hard to tell. All I know is that I'm over the constant chemicals in my hair, the upkeep, the cost, my hair being all frizzy after a work out, being afraid of the rain, beach & pool. I don't want to be a slave to my hair anymore! So I plan to do a big chop in about 3 weeks right after my 32nd birthday. As of right now I wear my hair shaved very low on the sides with long bangs in the front. So I'm already used to having very short hair, the only change will be that the top won't be along anymore. I plan to get it cut into a feminine looking fade & let it grow from there. I'm terrified & excited at the same time. Any advice or words of wisdom for me?