Hi joseybird!

I'm very new to the CG method (as in 3 days new), and frizz has been one of my main problems as well. I have very fine, low-po hair that is prone to buildup and FRIZZ! After my first cleansing with BS and ACV, I got out of the shower feeling a HUGE difference in my hair, even when wet. It felt like my hair was wanting to define more curls an waves rather than frizz out.

Unfortunately, this changed a little in the morning when I woke up (I plopped my wet hair overnight). I sill felt like my curls were more defined, but my hair seemed a little stringy. I came to realize that it was the products that I had put in my hair while it was still wet....Both my curling cream (MoroccanOil) and mousse (Suave) contain dimethicone. I didn't want to believe it because I NEVER spend $30 on a single hair product, but I was desperate for something to help with frizz and curl definition, so I went out on a limb and bought the MoroccanOil product days before I discovered the CG method. BIG MISTAKE!

So, in conclusion, YES, CG definitely does help with frizz! But it does also depend on the products you are using. Make sure you follow the rules of finding silicone-free products or you will be adding things to your hair that are counter-productive to your CG progress. Now I'm in the boat of spending even more money to get the right products that I should have bought the first time around D: But I am confident that the investments will be well worth it! I still see a difference in my frizz amount, even with the cones, but I definitely feel that eliminating them will make an even bigger difference in my hair!

Hope this helps!
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