I went organic a little over a month ago and just recently started using SM products because RenPure wasn't giving me enough moisture.

I seem to have a problem with frizz at the roots that extend at least 2 inches before the nicer curl/wave combo begins.

I'm still new to CG approach but am at a loss of what else to try. I currently use SM C&H Curl Smoothing Shampoo and the Style Milk. Yesterday I got the Loriel Curl Cleansing Cream and it worked great on my kids, but dried out my roots even more.

How can I get root moisture that hopefully won't cause breakouts and won't break the bank? I don't want to go back to gels, but if they are hair friendly, I might.

I wish I had the curls the rest of my family (or Gina Grant) has. Everyone has beautiful 3a-3c curls and I have the overly dry 3b with 3c tendencies.

I've never been able to do second day curls either.