I have coarse/thick hair that is high porosity. I haven't used sulfates in years (I used Wen) and my hair was still fairly frizzy. I still had to style it straight! I've been CG for almost 3 months and my hair has never looked this good. I don't do the BS/ACV thing, however. What I did to start off was use a silicone free shampoo to purge all the cones in my hair (Suave Naturals, $1 at the drugstore) one last time and then switched to co-washing and using CG products to style. I think the silicones must've been causing buildup and frizz only I hadn't realized it. The moment I got them out my hair came to life and all these curls I hadn't seen in ages returned. It was awesome. I'm happy to report my hair is frizz free these days. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me.

P.S. Do you know your properties yet? I see from your signature now that you're already using CG products but I wonder if they are the right ones or if there's something missing that might be causing your frizz. If your hair is maybe fine and prone to overconditioning you're going to need more protein to prevent it from getting fluffy/frizzy and overmoisturized. Also if it's coarser you'll need lots of moisture and to take it easy on the protein. If it's medium you'll need a balance. Also your porosity can play a role. For me I've found my hair can tolerate some forms of protein (light ones) but not others, especially in styling products that are going to sit around in my hair for a few days. My highly porous hair seems to like some proteins but is finicky with others. Again I haven't been at this that long so I'll know more in time. Also weather! What's the weather like where you are? Have you checked out this site's frizz forecast and do you know about the dew point? A lot of people have different regimens, products and techniques for different seasons based on the weather. Go check out livecurlylivefree.com if you haven't already.
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* = HG

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