Do we have a Polly update? I scanned the thread but may have missed it....
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PerriP, you are so thoughtful!

She is home and still on heavy drugs, but doing well. Today we're taking it easy (i.e., still in crate, which is HUGE, thanks to my BFF's extravagance), but she seems to feel comfortable, and isn't avoiding putting pressure on the side where the leg was.

Tomorrow we'll try some supervised time out of the crate, but I need to keep her from trying to jump on the couch or the bed, so if we last an hour unrestricted, I'll be glad.

Thank you so much for asking. Feel free to PM me if you want to.
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So glad to see Polly is home and resting. It' sounds very smart to take it slow. How is Polly's mom doing in all of this?
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