Korkscrew, I use roller jaw clips. My crown needs volume, and those metal clips were driving me insane. I didnt like using them, couldnot figure them out, and then when I woul remove them, they would rip my hair out. The CHS ones are really easy, almost foolproof. I had to tell a stylist three times that I shampoo daily - she kept telling me that eventually I wont have to. Um. Are you listening? I shampoo every day. That is what I do. They say they do not make $$ off selling the Deva products, that it goes into their "education fund" but I dont believe it. They never actually cut my hair unless you call a cut a snip here and another one there and presto! Deva cut. My hair was cut wrong for many years, and the top and sides are growing. My stylist now does that snip here and snip there too - and she doesnt charge me for that. I think we have to question the integrity of many of these stylist who have been "Deva trained" - to do what, exactly?