Okay, this is a response to your last post (Curlyhoneyb) :

Sorry you had such a rough time w/that abusive guy. Do you think it's possible he'd have used whatever he could (race or whatever else), as a weapon to belittle you? Ha – my mom is old-school Caribbean too and wanted me to find someone brainy and she didn't say it out loud, but I knew she wanted him to be either biracial (b/w) or white.

Sounds like his family was basically just very unhappy and maybe they also assumed you had it easier because of the way you look and it seemed unfair to them? Either way, that's a whole lot of disrespect and grandma snatched up a fist of your hair huh? Ouch. Ridiculous.

… I've mostly dated Jews. Besides being Jewish, I was exposed to Jews most and had the most in common with them. Have never sensed any racism any parents (I'm biased, but I really do think many Ashkenazi Jews are more accepting than other whites tend to be). But I married someone else biracial, albeit Spanish and Asian It hasn't been w/out drama though (have heard some pretty racist things from his family and their friends at times, as if I wasn't even sitting in the room).

Your life sounds really interesting! It's great that you in-laws have taken a genuine interest in you and your life. Excuse my cynicism, but I wonder if they're more comfortable because you mostly look white. You think they'd treat you differently if you were darker, w/more African features? I mean it's great that they're nice to your stepfather, but, well he's not dating their kid. I've found that more and more whites these days seem OK w/someone biracial joining their families - like the person is just exotic enough so they can pat themselves on the back about how liberal and accepting they are. And maybe some even look forward to gaining some "new millennium" “exotic” looking kids). BUT … there's a line, it seems. “Too black” and it's no way Jose. .. So that's why I ask.

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