I see ... glad roller jaw clips give you root lift the EASY way. Cause yeah, you're completely right: those metal clips ... ugh. I don't get it. I haven't tried the roller clips (I've seen vids about roller clamps - are they the same thing?). It looks like they might disrupt my particular type of curl pattern too much, but I can see where they could work well depending ... seems wavy and swavy types could benefit most from them (?). Still, maybe I'll buy some just to see, so I'm glad you mentioned them

Yeah that whole CG thing gets a little culty with not washing hair. I mean obviously you know shampoo works for you so her insistence is befuddling. And I've learned that I need to shampoo my hair once in a while or I get nasty buildup. It'd be interesting to know how they define their "educational fund" too because they are World Class Product Pushers. Their collective, aggressive sales effort has "commission" written all over it LOL. Educational fund (definition): learning how to cushion their own pockets.

Sorry to hear you got so many underwhelming Deva cuts. I think I've been lucky, but what you're getting at is true: gotta question some of them. I mean, I did a WHOLE lotta research before choosing a stylist. Not to say you didn't - that's where the whole luck thing comes in. Maybe I've just been lucky and the rave reviews for the stylists just happened to pan out in my case. How does your current stylist cut your hair (wet or dry)? How does it compare to Deva in terms of cost?

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