Korkscrew: If you are interested, search under "Saga of the Stylist", that is my "journey. I quit a salon I had gone to for over 10 years because I did NOT like my hair. Then I started getting consultations, based on reviews in my area on this site. One wanted over 100 bucks to condition my hair, talk about pushing. Then I went to the fancy salon that has the Deva stylists, and you know the rest of the story. Then I found a review here of Amber. I think the most I have ever paid Amber is 65 plus tip, and that was for a styling and coloring my roots, I have a LOT of silver, and it grows fast. I am quite satisfied with her. Here is the diff: she has her own chair in a place she share with other independent stylists, so she is not forking over half of what she earns to the salon, hence the high prices. She is very sweet, and knowledgeable, and does she know everything? No she does not, and that is fine by me because look what happens when stylists think they know it all. Roller jaw clamps and clips are the same, and for my money, they are foolproof and the most essential styling tool in my box, The metal clips are too difficult. Try the roller Jaws! Gretchen suggested them to me, and I love them. They make styling a snap. The only thing is, for me, once I put them in I dont touch them till my hair is almost dry, or I get frizz.

The same stylist who insisted I will not need to wash every day also, when I asked her if she felt I was telling her how to do her job (this was about my own products and my roller jaws) said Yes sort of. Amber, on the other hand said All my curly clients do different things to their hair and use different products, and I learn a lot from them. So there you have it.