random thoughts:

I'm glad they didn't mix the teams. I really don't like it when returning players play with newbies because I don't think it is fair to the new people - and the editing always favors the returning players.

I am really sad for Fran, I think I liked her (or would have)

If you are going to wear skimpy little skivvies, at least be able to fill them out! (somehow I missed it last time that they were baggy in the front)

What are you thinking, hooking up the FIRST night IN THE SLEEPING QUARTERS??? if you can't control yourself, go into the jungle!

And the poor girl on the fan team who aligned with the hook up boy "I'm going to play it cool with you at camp" and the way he described her wasn't very nice - esp. after the whole "oh look at us, the cool kids hang out together" - I'll be happy watching that play out - there are 4 of them. They don't have numbers, I love it when the arrogant pretty ones get voted out and they have to play nice with people they previously found "beneath them"

Interested to see how Malcolm does- the faves don't know him and haven't seen his season.

Phillip is insane and it really bugs me to just look at his face. It's the eyes, I think.
The whole "I learned all of this from Boston Rob" - well, you obviously didn't learn the main thing Rob had - PEOPLE SKILLS. I am torn because I know every week he'll annoy the snot out of me... but also, I know he'll be entertaining so I'm not sure if I really want him to go.

I like Dawn (I liked her before, too) I think she and Malcolm may align, in my head they are an alliance already and I have no idea why

Cochran seems to have grown up a bit and is a bit more aware of how he comes off, etc - and HIS POOR FEET

I think both teams played hard in both challenges, so that is promising.

That Marine - what a jerkface. Just sitting there telling everyone to work on fire - UM, DUDE, YOU NEED SHELTER, TOO - I am, however, in awe of his flexibility
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