Cochran is likable, but I had a sunburn like that once. I couldn't do anything for days; was actually sick with the chills. I almost think I would have voted him out because he could hinder them in the challenges. .
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I thought the same - but did you see how fast he ran in the challenge? i was SURE he'd fall or not be able to do it because of his feet but he soldiered on.

Re: Brandon. I really can't stand him, so part of me hopes he doesn't bring out the crazy (he makes me think of Russell who reminds me WAYYY to much of my ex-husband) LOL. The previews made it look as if Brandon was in trouble, if that's the case that means the Faves lost another immunity challenge - which would be surprising. All of that being said, if Brandon brings the crazy, you know it will be good LOL
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