Great suggestions! And thank you so much for not going PC crazy and feminazi over the title...I just needed to be a lil rebellious today :P

So...about dresses and skirts: the jacket is made from a decently heavy weight fabric (corduroy) and has a bit of a nap. Woud you wear it w/ lightweight florals and sheaths? I have a badass white pencil skirt but it's lightweight and lined and I only wear it in the warmer months (w/ a fitted chambray jacket w/ white topstitching, and chunky platform nude sandals...slightly nautical). You don't think a white pencil skirtwould be too summery for a navy cordy/nappy jean jacket?
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If it's lightweight, maybe. I'd look for one made of a heavier fabric. I don't follow the white-only-in-summer rule, but I wouldn't want to freeze either.

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