kurly gurly, thank you for the compliment! My hair also loses its curl from chemicals - in my case coloring it. It's fun to color but it makes my hair dry, brittle and less curly. I don't plan to permanently color my hair again. Maybe a temporary color, maybe.
I got 3B Curls
Cleansers: Shea Moisture Thickening Shampoo & African Black Soap Shampoo for scalp, KCCC to clarify
Deep Conditioners: SM Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque & Anti-Breakage Masque
Rinse Outs: Giovanni Direct Leave-In, KCKT
Stylers: Day 1: KCKT then plop. Day 3: H20 and SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie or SM Kids Curling Butter Cream, Aubrey Organics Aloe Vera