I bought some lily of the valley aloe vera gel yesterday. It's a huge bottle for $7 at whole foods. I'm looking forward to mixing it with my FSG and experimenting.

Thanks for the hair compliment. Yes, its self esteem is not low anymore, I promise. Especially after this thread. It's just that after I got my hair analysis results and they shocked me, I was feeling guilty for straightening it for so long. (Especially because I didn't always use a heat protectant.) I thought I'd done some serious damage to make my porosity high in the first place. But now I realize you can be naturally porous and still have healthy hair. I also get the sense that a lot of coarse curlies have low porosity, not high. It's weird that my properties don't agree with one another. I guess that's why my hair seems okay with light proteins but not heavy ones.
3A - C, HP, ME, HD. (Coarse, High Porosity, Medium Elasticity, High Density.)

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Poos: SM Moisture Retention + Yucca Baobab, TJ's Tea Tree Tingle
Condish: TJ 'sTea Tree Tingle*, SM Moisture Retention* + Curl & Shine + Yucca Baobab, Yes to Blueberries
Stylers: KCKT*, SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie* + Curl & Style Milk*, KCCC*, FSG*, CJ Pattern Pusha, Curl Keeper
Sealers: Jojoba* or Grapeseed* oil

* = HG