Usually my husband and I do something romantic on Valentines Day, today he has to work late on a case but it doesn't matter because he makes every day seem like valentine's day...I know that sounds cheesy but we do romantic things for each other all the time. We don't need a special occasion to celebrate our love but I don't mind that there is one. I actually did something special for him when he got home last night and we will be going away this weekend and into next week to enjoying some time away together. We are always loving and affectionate and we love doing things together not just on this holiday.

My sister was a bit down for Valentine's day because she isn't in a relationship and the last one she was in didn't work out. I felt like cheering her up a bit and I didn't have any late appointments at work today so I left a bit early before my sis and my mom got home, went over to my mom's while they were out and I left Valentine's Day cards and I got them each a couple of nail polishes, chocolate and a MAC pigment. My sister called me when she got home and said how much it meant to her to know that I always think about her.

Even if you are single there is no reason to feel down about it, you should focus on the people who love you.

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