I am new to this forum and have learned so much...thank you all. From what I have gathered I have fine texture, High Porosity and med. density hair. When I did the Elasticity test I found my hair needs protien...so off to Sally's beauty supply I went. In the picture my hair was done this morning with the plop method and Nexxus Alluring Curls gel...not sure if this is CG friendly? This is 2 days after washing my hair. What I am still unsure of is am I a 2-c or 2-b? If I were to use a defuser would that bump me up to a 3-a? WHAT AM I LOL, where do I fit in? Please help and thank you kindly!

P.S. I gots me a K-pak so I am ready to fix my protien issue/needs. I use a shampoo bar every 3 days along with ACV rinse.

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